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Comments about this site
Jill M. - As a mother, I just wanted to say thank you! Not only is it kid friendly but it has some great resources on it.

My Girl Scout Troop and myself wanted to say thank you for your page. My troop and I have been talking about being safe both online and at home partially through working on our First Aid badge, but partially because the girls just ask a lot of questions haha.  Thankfully, your page has given us a ton of info that our troop found super helpful and answers a lot of questions that we weren't sure about the answer! Thanks so much :)​

Thanks to everyone that has sent me resources to share.

Thank you

Crisis Help! Line -- 1-800-273-8255

About CPR

A Guide to Crime Prevention for Kids - University of Cincinnati

Bark App - Connect to 24 platforms to monitor email, text, and social activity for signs of harmful interactions and content.

Common Sense Media Internet safety

ConnectSafely - is a Silicon Valley, Calif. - based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating users of connected technology about safety, privacy, and security. 

Cyberbullying Research Center Information on cyberbullying

Dr. P. Body’s Learning Fun Center: Strangers

Family Education Network Various topics

FBI Kids Safety Tips

Fire Safe Kids - Each of the following three sections will teach you important information about fire safety.

Home Safety Tips - American Red Cross

ICAC Task Force - Internet Crimes Against Children

iKeepSafe Cellphone smart

Infinite Learning Lab Cyberbullying, Self-Esteem, Self-Control, Peer Pressure

Insure Child Safety - At Home, On the Road & at School 

Internet Safety - 14 Tips for Being Safe Online

Keeping Children Safe Online - Online Awareness

Kids Internet Guide

McGruff The Crime Dog

National Crime Prevention Council: Activities and Lesson Plans

Neighborhood Safety for Kids

NetSmartz Kids: Know the Rules Video

Netsmartz Kids Various activities for kids

Older Students and Adults; Bureau of Justice Assistance : What is Crime Prevention? ; Avoiding Online Scams

Peer Pressure - by Safe Teens, which has several others topics on this site for teens

Safety Kids: Safety Check Points for Kids

Safe Stars : Safe Stars was established as an online resource for those looking to learn about making the right choices for themselves and for their family.

SafeTeens.com Various items

Smoke Alarms - Public Education from National Fire Protection Association

Smoke Alarm Outreach Materials

South Dakota Safe Schools - SD Division of Criminal Investigation

StaySafeOnline -  National Cyber Security Alliance

Stop Bullying - by Stop Bullying, U.S. Government prevention, and resources

Teaching Kids About Internet Safety - by GCF LearnFree.org

TIPS for monitoring email and social media accounts

What is bullying - for parents, kids, and teachers
Your Basic Facts & Tips on bullying - by eschooltoday
Parent Safety Guide
Family Emergency Kit
Kids Home Alone
Peer Pressure